Why the dot?

Sometime in the beginning of the project, it was thought to be a cool addition to the name. It still is.

Under what license is it released?


So, it's free?

Yes. It's free to download and use. You can also modify and redistribute it according to the terms of the license. More information can be found in the LICENSE.txt document in all workbase. packages.

What's the install tool password?

"password" (without the quotation marks).

Why isn't language X in the package I just downloaded?

To shorten the release cycle, workbase. packages are released with the standard translations (English and German) only, other languages follow behind and are published as they get updated.

Sometimes the packages might even come without the German translation. Even though the project has three translators, they too are busy people and have full-time jobs and might not always manage to provide an updated translation before the deadline. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.

When I do x, y stops working. Why?

If it's a bug, you can report it at the bug tracker.

If it's not a bug, however, you could read the documentation provided with the release (yes, we know there's not much of it, it's still being written), try the free support offered on this site or go for the commercial support (if you are using a commercial package).