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Project Management

workbase. offers various tools for you to keep track of your projects:

  • Milestones and Tasks, with user assignments
  • Work management (users can report work they have done)
  • Project permissions: you can choose who works for which projects and what they are allowed to do
  • Statistics

Bill Management

You can create bills, export them as PDF based on your own templates (or default ones) and keep track of them.

File Management

workbase. contains an AJAX-based file browser, with which system users can share and store files belonging to projects, such as documents, images and notes.

Resource Management

In the internal address book you can save all the information of your employees and customers, as well as configure who has access to the system and what they are allowed to do once they are logged in.

Easy Administration

The need to modify any config files or database records is minimized and as much as possible is made browser based. For the administrator, workbase. contains:

  • An Installation tool to install, configure, update and rescue installations
  • Automated update check
  • A possibility to change the look and feel of the application by editing of template files

workbase. uses

  • PHP and MySQL, any version above 4 is supported
  • PHP's GD libraries
  • Extensively javascript: workbase. will work only with browsers that have javascript support
  • Apache webserver, but should work also on LightTPD, on any OS
  • FPDF and the lovely FPDI libraries (that are included) to create PDFs