> roadmap


0.5 branch will contain following features:

  • Assigning milestones to users
  • Creating tasks in milestones
  • Assigning tasks to users
  • Notification system (users are alerted of changes in their tasks, milestones and projects) using email
  • Private RSS feeds (notifiers)
  • Possibility to create cost groups globally and then overwrite these on project basis
  • Customizing VAT information

The last 0.5 release (probably 0.5.8 or 0.5.9) is scheduled to the end of October, beginning of November.


There are no definitive features for the 0.6 branch. Following is a list of features that might or might not appear in 0.6. If they prove to be too worksome, 0.6 branch will simply be the last 0.x release and the first beta preceding the final 1.0 release and the features will be part of 1.x.

  • Internal messaging system (private messages, maybe even live chat?)
  • Theme selection
  • Theme customizing (browser based)
  • Correspondence module
  • Customer support module
  • A simple global calendar for arranging meetings, managing tasks and allocating time
  • "share my workbase"" - possibility to share information between remote workbase installations. User could see and modify projects, users etc created and saved in another workbase just as if it were theirs.